Liz-E Restaurant Review

Why I gave this restaurant 1 star only – primarily because the first impression that I had was not pleasant at all.

Allow me to elaborate on the details. I made a reservation for the Easter Lunch Buffet with my family (it is for today’s lunch) and specifically mentioned that we be given a table indoors (because it was hot, although it turned out it was raining). This request was acknowledged thru a text message.

Today, we arrived at about 11:30 AM and there was a drizzle at that time. Just before we enter, a lady sitting is already by the door ready to accept our payments! Unfortunately, as of this time (8:30 PM), I only gave her my money but did not receive any official receipt. Collecting money but not giving out official receipts? What will BIR say about this? Is it not illegal for business establishments to accept payment without issuing official receipts?

Now, there was no mention about the table request and we were ushered instead to the makeshift tent outside, I thought it was fine but I was starting to get anxious. Since my mother was fine with the table assigned, then we settled and got my food. When I returned to our table there were 2 waiting staff trying to look into the tent as it has a hole! Yes, a hole! As the staff tried to poke the tent, water came gushing through the hole and fell on me and my food. I tried to be cordial and did not throw a fit, as I don’t want to ruin my Easter Lunch. My mother instead insisted that we be transferred to their other outdoor location and I just told myself I would try my best to keep calm. I queried to the waiting staff if we can transfer indoors near the buffet table and he said that those tables were already reserved. I told him that we also have a reservation, how come we do not have our assigned tables as well. Although at this point, he was not really paying attention to my situation (with dripping water on my hair and food) and to my question about our own table and reservation. As I have my plate in hand and I am really not in the mood to argue, me and may family settled to their “another outdoor location”, although at this time, it started to rain, music was loud also – yes very loud in fact for supposed casual, laid back lunch that I assume we would experience. So far, the staff assisted our transfer but to my recollection there was no one who apologized for the mishap. I let it pass (but not in this review).

On to the food, it was okay but not exceptional. Perhaps the carrots in the sweet and sour and the calamares were the only “food” I liked. The other food were just too salty for my taste – relyeno na bangus, lechon kawali – all salty and I can “feel” the MSG running through my throat until now. By the way, where can one find a Bicol Express with beans? My sister first thought it was “Ginisang Beans”. And when one speaks of assorted pastries, assorted should mean about 4 or 5 I believe (this a big let down if I am paying Php 395.00 per pax). I cannot consider Halo-Halo as part of the pastries.

Finally, as we ended our lunch and made our way outside the door NOBODY, NOBODY said “thank you”. The guy in white polo shirt which I assume is the restaurant host just stared at me – yes, he just stared at me and did not even smile nor nod at the least.

So over all, it was just an eat and run experience with nothing that can elevate our dining experience. I always believe, having reviewed restaurants in the Middle East and here in the Philippines that a dining experience should be a mixture of great food and great service. Mas mabuti pa ang McDonalds or Jollibee and other restaurants found in malls as they know how to smile and express their gratitude towards their customers. Mind you, this buffet costs Php 395.00 and I believe that with this amount, ALL customers should be accorded with value and respect.

Unfortunately, it was an upsetting situation that I did find myself into in this restaurant today – a first for me where water fell on me and on my food – and yes, it was a humiliating sight.

Liz-E Kitchen, if my assumption is correct, is a restaurant that supposedly tries to elevate home-style cooking, and yes, judging by some of the great reviews that this restaurant received, it is trying to do such. Nonetheless, it is also important that this restaurant should never forget this phrase – GREAT SERVICE, this is important because no matter how simple the food is, if there is great service, customers will continue to rave for the restaurant.

Sadly, I cannot be able to recommend this restaurant until such time that it learns and imbibes in itself the true lesson and value of what a great service is.

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